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Shalex Overseas Pvt. Ltd.- interview in January 2012 for a special feature-Single use v/s. Reusable Gowns & Drapes in TechTex India magazine.


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We are a company based in New Delhi-India, engaged in manufacturing of Operation Theater Wear viz: Surgical Gown, Surgeon Cap, Surgeon Face Mask, Surgeon & Patient Leg Covers, Surgery Drapes, Abdominal Sponges, Surgeon Scrubsuits, Health Care Workers' Protective Clothing, HIV Prevention Kits, Delivery Kits, Orthopedic Surgery Kits, Ophthalamology Kits, Surgical Aprons, New Born Baby Dresses, Patient Dresses, Bed Sheets, Pillow Covers, Mattress Covers, Bed Screen Curtains, Cardiac Surgery Kits, Surgical Swabs, I.V.Sponges, I.V. Fixation Dressings, Dressing Kits, OT Apparels, Towel Sheets, Cut Sheets, Plain Drapes, Eye Pads.



We are now providing our services to a number of Reputed Healthcare Institutions like Indian Railway Hospitals, ESIC Hospitals, PGI Chandigarh, Northern Command Hospital, Govt. Of Himachal Pradesh Hospitals, Government Of Delhi Hospitals & several private hospitals. They are quite satisfied with the quality & prices of our innovative range of Surgical Apparel Products.

Disposable Products

We have a range of more than 150 products in our Disposable OT Wear Section for Surgeons, Para Medical Staff & Patients. All the products are designed keeping in mind  the  comfort and   utility of  the   end  user.  

Disposable Surgical Products


In this section we have a range of more than 100 products for Health Care Workers. As these products are reusable, so are cost effective. Designing of all reusable products is done in such a way to make them universal fit.   

Reusable Surgical OT Wear


Reusable Products
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Customized Packs/Kits

Customized kits are designed with keeping in mind the requirement of items for various surgeries. We have customized these kits with the help of the Surgeons & OT staff, so that they do not have to hunt for necessary items.



Operation Theatre Packs


We do cater to the need of Industrial Protective Clothing with vatious processes done like chemical resistant, fire resistant for various industries viz: Dairy, Automotive,  Pharmaceutical & Aviation etc.                                 

Industrial Clothing


Industrial Hospitality

We do custom designing for Hospitality Industry. We can provide Customized Uniform for Housekeeping, Chef and others with Logo of the Hotel, Curtains, Bed Linen and Protective Clothing.

Hospitality Clothing


These days farming is getting tougher due to use of pesticides. One need proper protection for farming & poultry. We have designed a few essential kits for farming & poultry viz Bird Flu Kit, Swine Fku Kit etc.


Agricultural Clothing


Agro Totus

Complete Solution for Apparel Needs

We also undertake designing of complete floor/ department wise, theme based Apparels. We design the dresses keeping in mind the Corporate Identity of Healthcare Institution. We don't see the geographical boundaries as barrier, hence no matter how far you are located, just fill up the enquiry form for Complete Healthcare Apparel Designing by providing a few essential details about your Organization and we will try our best to provide you with the best Design Solution according to your requirement.